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Vocalign  clients say:

“I found vocal sound combined with creative internal imagery accelerates the release of emotional blocks.”

      Chi Consultant

 “This creative arts process quickly built a safe place for me and was fun. It nurtured my inner child and would be beneficial for my clients.”
      Family Therapist (Substance abuse counselor)

 I gained vocal empowerment when I got in touch with suppressed anger I did not know I had.  I am now in charge of my life and at peace with myself, all while learning to sing”

     Abused Persons Advocate

“At last an answer to my greatest challenge — stage fright. I’ve been guided to create my own methods to control and understand my over excitement.”

    Student of Singing/Acting

“I’ve had a life time problem of a quivering, totally inefficient speaking voice that has become worse with age.  This is by far the best vocal therapy I’ve received. The exercises and understanding gained in a just few lessons have proved I can speak effectively. It is true: ‘Change your voice, change your life.’ It is never too late.”

    Senior Citizen





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