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Voice Bio

Everything in the universe functions through sound vibration.

Because VoiceBio accurately reveals the frequency patterns of the body, it can be an invaluable assessment tool on the way to understnading and realizing optimal physicalhealth.

The keynote frequencies found in the body are the very same frequencies found in music. and just as the note of C appears several times on a piano keyboard at varying octavies, the note of C appears many times in the body. The voice, being the composite sound of the human being, is representative of all of the frequencies in the body.


"VoiceBio data gives me a true holistic overview of the body, something that is difficult to do with any other diagnostic instrument."
- Dr. Thys Smit

Until now, we might have been tempted to consider the human voice to be one sound, distinctive certainly from person to person, but definitely not revealing 12 individual sound frequencies. However, through the technology of VoiceBio, the independent frequencies can be captured, translated and sorted into a voiceprint chart, giving a highly accurate indication of physical function.

 Your Voice Has A Lot To Tell You

Like the musicians who make up an orchestra, the body systems -- digestive, intestinal, circulatiory, nervous, immune, respiratory, urinary, glandular and structural -- must all work in harmony. When a concern in one body system arises, other systems are affected. Total health requires that all systems, (body, mind and spirit) be balanced.

When an individual experiences pain, health challenges, physical deterioration or inflammation, it is because the balance of frequencies has been distrubed or interruptied by discordance. There is always an underlying cause and effect.

Determining the cause that is creating the effect as long been the primary challenge of medical science. Your VoiceBio practionioner will interpret your chart and explain what you can do to improve your health by adjusting your frequencies through toning, nutrition, exercise and other modalities. VoiceBio is an invaluable, non-invasive energetic diagnostic too.

"With every client, I am continually amazed at how accurately the voice offers a peek into the invisible realm of the body and the emotions."
- Maryanna Korwitts,
Certified VoiceBio Practitioner
 VociceBio "For all the instruments available on this planet, the most powerful is the human voice. This is especially true when the voice is used for healing."
-Jonathan Goldman, author
Healing Sounds

"A voiceprint maps where you've been, where you are right now and where you are going, offering invaluable data for initiating lifestyle changes."
                                 Jeff Cozy,
                           Certified VoiceBio
                        Practitioner & Trainer

What happens during a
VoiceBio session?

  1. The client speaks three different voice samples into a highly sensitive microphone.
  2. A computer instantly sorts and graphs the frequency tones, ignoring word content.
  3. The practitioner then utilizes the data collected in the software program by analyzing a computer-generated chart called a voice print to see which note frequencies are present and which are missing.
  4. Your VoiceBio practitioner will discuss ways you can balance the overactive tones with the missing tones to help achieve optimal health and well-being.


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