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                                 Vocalign © 92                                                                

                                                           Self Empowerment Process 

Voice of Spirit/Healing — Victory over Victim. Vocal awareness … empower your career and personal life.

Out of your mind and into Presence! Awaken into feelings … all  knowing … abundant sense of well being.

Conscious awareness = Presence/Clarity.

Awaken from Unconscious Addictions through acceptance … Conscious Doing.

Live life fully alive! Learn to listen … let go of limitations … Lose Yourself to Find Yourself.

Inner Space — No Illusions … find your inner purpose!

Ground authentic self in unconditional compassion, opening to unlimited possibilities in balance of mind, body, emotion, and spirit!

New Heaven on Earth created in The Now! Creating a New You! Discover your Intrinsic Essence

Vocalign Philosophy:

My therapeutic philosophy is one of creative wholism.  I guide clients/students to a safe space through a supportive unconditional energetic connection. The intention is to tune into  their Divine Guidance and find theirAngel Voice”!

The focus is on self discovery of the multiple facets of personality and their effects on the voice. Unresolved issues are addressed: trauma, abuse, anxiety, stress, blocked feelings, addictions, low self esteem! Pain, tension, and holding patterns are released from the body. Heal the wounded inner child that limits your empowerment.


Experience assessing your subconscious with Hypnosis or without hypnosis, through Mari Card Art Therapy assessment, Bonny Guided Imagery & Music method, Deep Memory process, and VoiceBio/vocal analysis.

Vocalign is a vocal awareness process  that  is a subtle energy cleanser that can help balance the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels of the individual and can guide you to experience yourself as sound and light.


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